Sahil Singh



Highly motivated BCA graduate seeking a position in digital marketing, SEO, WordPress, or blogging. Armed with a strong educational background in computer applications, I am eager to apply my knowledge and skills to drive online growth and optimize website performance. Committed to staying up-to -date with the latest industry trends,  I am determined  to contribute to the success of a dynamic organization in the digital marketing. 

Work Experience


  • Successfully completed multiple freelancing project within deadline, ensuring, client satisfaction and receiving positive feedback
  • Developed and implemented innovative strategies to increase client engagement, resulting in a 20% growth in repeat business.
  • Managed multiple projects simultaneously, prioritizing tasks and maintaining clear communication with clients to meet their expectations while delivering high-quality work.
  • Collaborated with a diverse range of clients, effectively understanding their requirements and translating them into creative deliverables. 



Desh Bhagat College, Bardwal Dhuri

  •  Completed a comprehensive project on developing a user-friendly e-commerce website, incorporating advanced programmed language such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, resulting in increased customer engagement and a 20% boost in online sales.
  • Actively participated in a team-based software development cource, collaborating with peers to successfully design and implement a robust inventory management system, streamlining operations and reducing manual errors by 30%.
  • Assisted professors in conducing research on emerging trends in artificial intelligence and machine learning, contributing to the publication of an academic paper that received recognition at a national conference.
  • Organized and facilitated a technology workshop for undergraduate students, providing hands-on training in database management and SQL queries.   

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